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Art Docent & Artsonia:

Artsonia is the world's largest kids' art museum. Our dream is that every child will have a special art gallery online, reflecting their masterpieces from pre-school through high-school, preserved for all time! Click on the image to the left to visit ArtSonia.


Robotics Club is an exciting way for 2nd & 3rd graders to spend an hour after school twice a week. They meet Tuesdays & Thursdays right after school in Room 21 from 2:00-3:00pm. Each session is $45.

Coding Club is also available to all 2nd & 3rd graders. We meet in Room 15 for two hours after school on Mondays from 1pm-3pm. Each session is $45.

Spanish Docent:

As a part of our desire to offer the richest learning environment, Sierra Hills elementary offers Spanish to all students. Two times a week, our Spanish docent meets with each classroom and provides full immersion Spanish instruction. The Spanish instruction is conversational and relevant to student needs. Through the Spanish instruction, children learn songs, games, and cultural activities. Spanish doesn't just stop when our docent leaves, she provides activities that carry on between class times as well.

Physical Education:

P.E. doesn't just happen at Sierra Hills, it is a part of our core. Physical Education is very important in the lives of young children. It helps children with improved physical fitness, provides skill and motor development, helps improve academics, as well as many other benefits. Students at Sierra Hills receive Physical Education instruction on a weekly basis, and work on a variety of activities from skill development units for catching, throwing, coordination and flexibility, as well as activity units for games, rules, and sportsmanship. Our P.E. program provides two areas for enrichment. Not only does it provide the physical components, but it allows for true small group reading instruction. When students are at PE, half the class stays with the teacher for differentiated reading instruction at their specific level, with their specific needs.


Sierra sings! Music is very important for a developing mind, and at Sierra Hills, all students receive weekly music instruction. Instruction ranging from history of music and cultural application, to reading music, using a variety of instruments. Mrs. Vaaler is a fully credentialed music teacher, that help students find their musicality as well as shares her passion for music. Not only does Mrs. Vaaler help our young minds develop, she is also the instructor for the local children's choir.

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